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This is a fan site about Multiplayer Magic the Gathering.


Hello and welcome,

Together with my friends I often play Magic the Gathering Multiplayer in the Vintage format.
Therefor, I am often looking on the web to find some new deck ideas. But too often I can only find decks based on single player or decks that only contain cards that are legal for that period.
That gave me the idea to start my own website to publish Multiplayer Vintage decks. This way I can show other Mtg fans my decks and maybe they can share their’s with me.

How I play Magic

Me and my friends usually play on each Sunday afternoon/evening. We are usually with 4 – 6 players and most of the time when we  play, everyone is on his own. We don’t play too seriously and just have some fun including some beer and pizza of course.
For us it is not only about winning, sometimes we spare the weak, even with the risk of losing by doing so.

About my Magic the Gathering Multiplayer Decks.

The decks that I will post on this website are meant to be played in multiplayer with fun.

A Couple of things that make my decks different from default single player decks:

Most of the decks are slower, in Multiplayer there often is more time. Because of that, we can use more cards that have a larger casting cost and often they mean good fun!
The priorities are not always winning first, but more to be able to have fun with the deck, sometimes I leave some of the best cards out on purpose, so that not all the decks look the same.
This leaves some room for funny cards who might not give me the victory but for sure brings some fun.
The decks that I Post on this website I own. This means sometimes there are better options or instead of 4 times the same card, there is only 1.

Rules we play.

The decks must contain at least 60 cards
The official Vintage Banned/Restricted list must be followed
Proxies are allowed, but only if you have the real card or if you already ordered the cards.
This way we can use our cards in more than one deck. This saves money plus everyone will be able to maintain way more decks because you don’t have to break one down for using a card in a new deck.

Side rules: We are not fan’s of Unlimited combo decks. Of course when someone made such a deck we don’t mind if he/she plays it once or twice but after we have seen it we ask nicely not to play it again xD .

Time consuming decks. We don’t like it when a single player is taking 15 minutes for each turn because his deck can do so much. We like smoking breaks but not every round!

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