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Finally a news page!
I guess I might as well put some news on it right?
So, this website is finally starting to look like something I wanted. As if it was created by Wizards Magic.  

I’m pretty much finished with the layout/ looks of this website. A few sections are up and running now, the About | Welcome page, the Vintage Banned Restricted list, My personal Collection info and most important the Multiplayer Deck Overview. Took me quite some time to get the overview right with the rating and deck color icons, but now I’m happy with the results!

The first 5 Magic the Gathering Multiplayer decks are up and running. I figured that I still need to do some spelling checks on them, but at least the website doesn’t look so empty anymore. I already started collecting all information of my current and former MTG decks. So I came to the conclusion that I’m far from done. Still around 50/60 decks saved which I want to post here. I’m sure by the time I’m finished posting I already created some new decks.

So what’s next. So many things to do besides adding those 60 decks.

  • Finish up some small things like activating the comments.
  • Create a twitter account and connect it to the website.
  • Build a few small sections like Web links, credits, contact etc.
  • Figure out what to do with the slider.
  • Start working on a new section with a focus on useful multiplayer cards of all series.
  • Draw a banner.

Just realized I should stop writing and start doing something.

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