White Soldier Deck

Aldo I liked my former multiplayer soldier deck, I decided it was time for a change. While my friends thought they knew all cards in this deck by now, I surprised them with a little annoying twist. Say hello again to the old school card Armageddon! Of course I only wanted to hurt my opponents and not myself, but almost all my cards are around three mana, so I needed a little help. That’s why I also added Khalni Gem . Sent two land cards back to my hands, destroy them and build one again. Then I can continue casting cards with at least three mana and one more in the next turn.

I also bought the duel deck: Elspeth vs Tezzeret, which included two more mtg soldier cards to add into this deck. A second Loyal Sentry for another one mana blocker and Catapult Master with the ability to Exile a target creature for tapping five untapped soldiers. I Removed Door of Destinies from the deck. I barely used it because by the time I could make it, my hand was already empty. Second I removed Mobilization. With the newly added land destruction there wasn’t much of a change I was going to waste three mana for a single 1/1 white Soldier.

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