Vampire Deck

Both Woldwake as Zendikar had a lot of new vampire creatures so of course I had to make a new black vampire deck. This is the first version of my mtg vampire deck. I will post my latest/ better version later on.  Because this magic vampire deck is meant to be for a multiplayer mtg game, I left out some nice smaller cards for fast games, too make some space for some slower high mana cost cards.

Talking about those high mana cost cards, Butcher of Malakir is a good example. Normally a Grave Pact is already a great card in multiplayer but this new one also is 5/4 and flying. Together with Anowon, the Ruin Sage the table is clear in no time. They might not work when your opponent is playing around with a army of 1/1 tokens. But then Ascendant Evincar can be used to clear the table while powering up my own creatures.

I think the uncommon Vampire Nighthawk is one of the best vampires in this deck. For only tree mana we get a 2/3 Flying + a deathtouch ability which makes the creature a good defender but also a great attacker unless your opponent like to block with his nice flying + a lifelink ability. Combine this card with Blade of the Bloodchief to pump up his power / thoughness and you got one hell of a vampire.

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