The idea of this deck was quite simple: create a deck based around the unblockable ability. So it would no longer matter if my opponent got large or many creatures on the table. Al do not really surprised the deck turned out to be quite weak and boring to play.

Different kind of unblockable abilities where used in this deck. Some creatures had the ability for default like a Phantom Warrior, shadow creatures like Thalakos Dreamsower where used and Island home/walk creatures.

In Multiplayer Magic the Gathering there is always a bigger change that at least someone is playing with islands. If that is the case, the Seasinger can give some great fun. If this isn’t the case, you can leave it up to a Lingering Mirage. Which also could be used to bother opponent who play multicolored decks.

I haven’t play much with this deck before I broke it down again but I’ll have to remember the card Deepchannel Mentor. It wasn’t really useful in this deck but if I would combine it with a stronger blue creature deck I’m sure it will come in handy!

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