Three color Hatred deck

Many players have seen Hatred decks before. But often they are made for single player.
This time I made a Hatred deck for Multiplayer. It should at least be able to take out 3 players while not ending up with a low level amount yourself.

Used three colors for this deck: Black for the Damage, White for the healing and blue for blocking and nasty tricks.

To survive in multiplayer with a Hatred deck you need some strong blockers Fog Bank, Wall of Nets, Tidehollow Strix and lots of life gaining Soul Warden, Knight of Meadowgrain.

To damage your opponent for sure unblockable always works well. So we take a shadow creature Soltari Visionary a flying creature Tidehollow Strix or we simple make a unblockable creature by using Mother of Runes or Jhessian Balmgiver.

After casting Hatred you can use Tainted Sigil to get your life back or even better when you use Rite of Consumption you might be able to take out two players at once and still get your life back.

If your opponent has to many lives or some permanents messing up your plan, then there is still Cephalid Constable. In combination with a Hatred you can just clean up his table from all nasty permanents.

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