Playing around with a discard deck in multiplayer is always nice in the first few turns, but after a while, players will be with empty hands when they know you play with discard abilities. With the release of Worldwake I found the card Quest for the Nihil Stone, which changed this behavior. Now players no longer wanted to be empty handed. For me a good reason to gather my specter creatures together and create a new discard deck.

My favorite specter and most feared one by my opponents will be Shimian Specter. Not too strange because many decks are built around a key card and now does key cards can be removed with a single attack. Still, this only works when the opponent got his key card in his hand, but I’ll get a second change with Extirpate when the key card is in the graveyard.

In multiplayer Magic the Gathering there is a bigger change that one player will be with empty hands. There for I also like to play with Guul Draz Specter.  For 4 mana, it’s always nice to have a 5/5 flying creature with a discard ability. Another nice card in Multiplayer is Nyxathid. Now I can just choose the player who probably hasn’t got many cards in his hand for the rest of the game.

Aldo this deck is called specters. I just had to use a demon as well.  I know it doesn’t really fit in but I just happened to get an Abyssal Persecutor with the release of Worldwake so I simply wanted to play with it. As it looked a bit like a specter… Well it has flying. This was the most fitting deck at that time to put it in.

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