Rogue Theme Deck

Cheap Rogue deck for MTG Multiplayer.
When I was looking for a new, but cheap deck, I stumbled on the Rogue theme.
I started collecting some Rogue cards and build this Blue/Black deck without using any expensive cards.
When the deck was finished, I thought it would be pretty weak in multiplayer, but after playing with it for a couple of games I did happen too win a couple of times.

One of the main cards that gave me the idea to build a Rogue deck is Oonas Blackguard.
This card already came to my attention before, when I won a Booster Draft game pretty much because of this card. It will make all the Rogue’s a bit bigger, but the discard ability is great when you have a lot of creatures on the table. Play a Marsh Flitter and you will have three 2/2 creatures with a discard ability and one of them also has flying.

To make the deck a little bit faster, Frogtosser Banneret is doing a good job. But best of all this card also reduces the Prowl costs! Now a Stinkdrinker Bandit can be cast for 1 mana Prowl cost instead of the normal 4 mana casting cost.
Put a Neurok Spy or Inkfathom Infiltrator beside this card and you will do 5 damage with a unblock able creature + the opponent has to discard a card. Imagine when you have more than one Stinkdrinker Bandit on table.

Notorious Throng can be a killer card in a multiplayer game. If one player is getting weak, you just launch a full attack on him with all your creatures. Then you will get loads of flying creatures and with the extra turn, you might be able to finish off another opponent . With a Oonas Blackguard and Stinkdrinker Bandit on table this will be a bunch of killer flying creatures + you will skip the summoning sickness because of the extra turn. you might catch your opponent by surprise.

For the good fun, I put in the card Knowledge Exploitation. With a reduced Prowl cost this card can give some good fun for just 3 mana. For example, if you are on the losing side, how fun would it be to play a Wrath of God out of your opponents library.

When you replace some of the cards in this deck with some more expensive rare’s, I am sure this deck can become very good.

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