Proliferate deck

With more mtg Proliferate cards showing up with Scars of Mirrodin, I made a new deck in combination with the Level up cards out of Rise of the Eldrazi. I took my Level Up deck, removed all white and a few blue cards and added some proliferate cards.

Thrummingbird is a cheap one, for just two mana a 1/1 flying creature. Should not be too hard to attack every turn, because in multiplayer magic there is often an opponent who can’t block flying. Contagion Clasp is a bit more expensive to use, but when having some spare mana it’s still nice. In addition the -1/-1 ability can come in handy when an opponent is playing with a lot of small creatures or tokens. Aldo Inexorable Tide cost five mana, every time I proliferate with it, it’s for free.

Not only Level Up works well with proliferate mtg, Artifacts with counters on them are also a good combination. Everflowing Chalice is taking care of a nice manaboost while Triskelion can destroy many creatures of the table or blow away an opponent. When some other permanents need to be destroyed, Lux Cannon can take care of that.

Just for fun I added Diminish, it’s a cheap way to get rid of a strong creature. It can also be used when opponents are attack each other.

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