Power 5

With the Alara block the support came for creatures with a power of 5 or greater. This is the result of my power 5 deck after all the series (Shards of Alara, Alara Reborn and Conflux) where released. With the exception of Birds of Paradise this deck only contains cards out of the Alara block. Of course I created a more powerful deck with cards of other series as well but I will post that later on.

Well what would a power 5 deck be without power 5 creatures. So let’s have a look at the creatures first. How about first turn BoP, second turn Woolly Thoctar. What? a 5/4 creature at the second turn… yes!  Al do 7 mana, Spearbreaker Behemoth is a fantastic card in multiplayer. So often, there is a player at the table playing mass destruction. They won’t be smiling now while your 5/5 will still be on the table, or maybe even crying if you manage to make a few others indestructible as well. If you think 5/5 creatures are too weak for you, then how about an army of 8/8 creatures?  Godsire will take care of that.

Alara pretty much forces you to play multicolored. At least, they gave us some new options to cast does multicolored big bastards. Cards like Druid of the Anima and a boost of Knotvine Mystic will bring some of those colorful options. If you like to play creature based decks, Ancient Ziggurat is cheap but fantastic option.

If the mana boost worked out well, you might be left empty handed. The solution: Mayael the Anima.

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