Multiplayer Soldier deck

This soldier deck is actually pretty good for a multiplayer magic game. Most cards in this deck cost around 3 mana, so compared to a normal Soldier deck this one starts a bit slower. But that is ok. After you got does 3 lands at the table, you can cast all spells that are necessary by that time.

In the second turn you can start off with the Ballyrush Banneret to make all soldiers casting cost one cheaper. This will be needed in case you won’t get that third land in the third turn.

If I have a Preeminent Captain available in the third turn, I would always choose to play that one first.
Then the turns after, this card will give you such a large boost. There will always be a player in a multiplayer game who you can easily attack with the Preeminent Captain. Put for example a Pianna, Nomad Captain into play for free and you will be attacking with at least two 3/3 creatures.

It will not take much time before your army grows larger and stronger. With cards like Pianna, Nomad Captain, Field Marshal and Soltari Champion in play you will soon attack with at least 5/5 creatures and that is definitely what you need in Multiplayer. The Shadow creatures will be a pain in the ass for your opponent. While almost all your soldiers will have a good advance with the First strike ability. Both while attacking but also as strong blockers.

After you emptied your hand you can still spent your mana on cards like Militias Pride to extend your army with cheap but large attacking! Tokens and Mobilization which also makes sure you can continue attacking players and still be left with blockers.

For a different I used Door of Destinies in this deck. Maybe Coat of Arms will still be better but this is something else for a change. Beside the good thing is, this one will not affect the opponents creatures.

Martial Coup can be put in almost every White Multiplayer deck, but of course it should belong in a Soldier deck like this. I don’t use it much, but if it is a long game I might need it or else the Wrath of God. If that would still not be enough, then they still have to cross your Worship first.

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