Multiplayer Exalted

The idea was to create an exalted deck after the release of the Alara block. This deck didn’t really work out but it does contain a few cards which I like to mention, because they are quite nice to use in ‘better’ decks.

Probably the best exalted card in this deck is Battlegrace Angel. It’s not the exalted ability which makes this card so good, but the Lifelink ability. In multiplayer Magic the Gathering it is always useful to gain some extra lives and with this ability you can choose to pass over the lifelink ability to your most powerful creature or unblockable creature if you want. I only had 1 when I created this deck, but now I got a few extra and use them a lot in different kind of decks.

For defense, Giltspire Avenger is a great card. When you got it on table, your opponents will rather choose someone else to attack instead of attacking you once and loose there precious creature. It is good to have it on the table before you cast and use a Gwafa Hazid, Profiteer. If your opponents can’t get rid of it, they will come after you as fast as possible that’s for sure.
If you prefer to surprise your opponent Winged Coatl is good fun with his flash/deathtouch ability.

For a real exalted deck Stoic Angel would fit in perfect. You would only attack with one creature only so only your opponents will be stuck with the negative effect.
I guess Exalted can be useful in single player game when that extra damage might give you the victory, but in multiplayer this ability doesn’t really make much of a different.

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