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Overview of all Magic The Gathering Multiplayers deck posted on this website:
Currently there are 43 decks posted.

Ulafolk Temple May 6, 2011
Mtg deck made around Quest for Ulas Temple with large Leviathan 's and small Magic Merfolk 's

Magic Artifact Deck May 5, 2011
Blue artifact deck with Grand Architect and proliferate.

Magic deck vampire May 4, 2011
Faster version of my black vampire deck with small updates like Captivating Vampire

White Soldier Deck May 3, 2011
Updated white soldier theme deck with land destruction Armageddon added.

Eldrazi Spawn deck May 2, 2011
Eldrazi Spawn token deck made around Beastmaster Ascension and Hellion Eruption.

Multicolor deck May 1, 2011
Deck with many multicolor creature cards with Knight of New Alara, Exalted and power 5 creatures

Metalcraft Myr April 30, 2011
Metalcraft creatures combined with Myr creatures.

Megrim Dreams April 29, 2011
Discard card draw deck with Megrim and Underworld Dreams.

Proliferate deck April 28, 2011
Blue mtg proliferate deck combined with Level Up creatures and artifacts.

Living Eldrazi April 27, 2011
Mtg Eldrazi deck made around the combination of Traumatize and Living Death.

Landfall Deck April 26, 2011
Latest and faster version of my mtg landfall deck with Liege of the Tangle and Elvish Piper also useful when playing with Planechase cards.

Kor Equipment April 25, 2011
Kor deck with mtg equipments in combination with the magic Kaldra token set, Quest for the Holy Relic and Dust Elemental

Infect Deck April 24, 2011
Mtg infect deck made after the release of Scars of Mirrodin containing black infect cards and green infect cards including Hand of the Praetors.

Hatred deck April 23, 2011
Multiplayer mtg Hatred deck with lots of life gaining

Gigantomancer April 22, 2011
Mtg deck made around Gigantomancer in combination with Meekstone and Ensnaring Bridge.

Eldrazi April 21, 2011
Mtg Eldrazi Deck with all the Eldrazi mythics and Eldrazi spawn tokens for mana

Level Up April 20, 2011
Mtg level up deck with almost only Rise of the Eldrazi cards including Lighthouse Chronologist, Training Grounds and Sphinx of Magosi.

Aura Destroy April 18, 2011
Mtg aura deck with totem armor combined with mass destruction spells.

mtg Ally deck April 17, 2011
 Rainbow Mtg Ally deck for multiplayer magic with Harabaz Druid for mana, Kazuul Warlord for strong ally 's and Sea Gate Loremaster for card draw and more.

Vampire Deck April 16, 2011
Black mtg vampire deck for Multiplayer Magic with Butcher of Malakir and Anowon, the Ruin Sage.

Specters April 15, 2011
A discard deck made of specters with megrim and Quest for the Nihil Stone

Mass Destruction Red White April 14, 2011
Red white mass destruction deck created after worldwake with Chain Reaction and Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs

Annoying Green White April 13, 2011
Green White deck with plenty Annoying card like smokestack,Magus of the Tabernacle and Armageddon to bother my friends

Artifacts Multicolored April 12, 2011
Multicolered artifact deck made around the release of the Alara block with cards like Master Transmuter, Ethersworn Adjudicator and Scourglass

Defensive Fun April 11, 2011
A defensive fun deck with some nasty big multicolored creatures which normaly aren't used much but are perfect for multiplayer.

Dragons Multicolored April 10, 2011
In this multicolored dragon deck I used some small creatures for the start of the game and some mana/card boosting cards to cast the more expensive dragons quite early

Enchanted Angels April 9, 2011
Angel deck for magic the gathering multiplayer with Luminarch Ascension and Sigil of the Empty Throne

Hatred Black White April 8, 2011
Two color multiplayer hatred deck with lots of lifegaining with Battlegrace Angel

Knight of new Alara April 7, 2011
This multicolored Alara deck is made arrounf Knight of New Alara: each other multicolored creature you control gets +1/+1 for each of its color.

Landfall Green only April 6, 2011
Green only landfall deck with Rampaging Baloths, Primeval Titan and Blanchwood Armor.

Leyline Cowardice April 5, 2011
Annoying blue deck with Leyline of Singularity and Cowardice

Multiplayer Mill April 4, 2011
When I had Nemesis of Reason in my hand the first time, I realized I had to make another Mill deck again. Blue mill with black creatures.

Multiplayer Exalted April 3, 2011
Multiplayer Exalted deck created after the Alara Block. Using cards like, Battlegrace Angel,Stoic Angel and Giltspire Avenger

Power 5 April 2, 2011
With the Alara block the support came for creatures with a power of 5 or greater. This is the result of my power 5 deck after all the series (Shards of Alara, Alara Reborn and Conflux) where released.

Unblockable April 1, 2011
Deck based around the unblockable ability.

Multiplayer Soldier deck March 31, 2011
This soldier deck is actually pretty good for a multiplayer magic game. Most cards in this deck cost around 3 mana, so it's a bit slower at start but stonger in the end.

Rogue Theme Deck March 30, 2011
Cheap Rogue theme deck. With cards like Oonas Blackguard finishing prowl cards like Nororious Thong and a nice discard ability

Elf Warrior Theme deck March 29, 2011
Instead of just another elf deck, this theme decks is based around the sub type Elf Warrior

Mono Black Grave Pact March 26, 2011
My latest version of a mono black Grave Pact deck for multiplayer.

Life Gaining Bastards March 26, 2011
This deck I made around the card Cradle of Vitality. The idea was to gain life and pump up the smaller/cheaper creatures.

Three color Hatred deck March 26, 2011
A three colored Hatred Deck changed to survive in multiplayer

Deathbringer Thoctar & shooters March 12, 2011
This  deck is based around Deathbringer Thoctar in combination with little shooters like Blood Cultist. Also some nice combinations with for example: Mogg Infestation

Landfall White Green March 12, 2011
Deck made around a combination of  Landfall with  land destruction. Including cards like Armageddon,  Crucible of Worlds and Rampaging Baloths

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