mtg Ally deck

This is the final version of my Multiplayer ALLY deck. When the magic Ally creature type was released I had to build a deck around it, so I looked on ebay if I could buy some. Well they were all very cheap so I bought some play sets for only 1€ each. I was wondering what the current value today was, so I counted up all ally cards in this deck and came to a total value of $17,14. With other words this is a very cheap deck, but for a multiplayer game this deck is awesome!

Because this is a rainbow deck, it’s always nice to have an opening hand with a Harabaz Druid and a green mana source to make sure I can cast all 5 colors and for the great mana boost of course.
The next card I like to play at the beginning is Ondu Cleric to gain some life. This way I don’t have to worry much about using my Ally’s as blockers so they will only grow in numbers.

With the mtg deck just warming up I like to cast Kazuul Warlord as soon as possible because this Ally will bring me the victory. When I cast Jwari Shapeshifter I often copy the Harabaz first to gain plenty of mana and when I draw a second , I use it to copy the Kazuul which result in 10+/10+ ally’s very fast.

Sea Gate Loremaster makes sure I keep drawing enough ally’s and with the combination of this ally creatures it’s not rare for me to cast 5 ally’s in a single turn.
Now let’s see what might happen when I cast 5 ally’s in one turn while already have a few ally’s on table:

Ondu gives: 7+8+9+10+11 = 45 Life
two kazuul’s give: 2+2+2+2+2 =all creatures get up to 10 +1/+1 counters (Kazandu Blademaster and Umara Raptor will get +20/+20).
Bala Ged Thief = 5 cards discarded of my choice
Kabira Evangel= My creatures get protection from all 5 colors.

Not bad I guess for a single turn, the next turn will be even worse. This also comes to the down side of this deck, you spend a lot of time changing the dices to keep track of all the counters….

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