Mono Black Grave Pact

Well Grave Pact is truly one of the better cards to use in Multiplayer Magic. It is a pain in the ass for ever creature based deck your opponents control. There are plenty of decks with this card, but this is my latest version of a mono black Grave Pact deck.

This deck can start off with the small creatures Blood Pet for some mana and the Deathgreeter to gain some life to get survive the first few turns. With a simple Dry Spell the table can be cleared a bit at the beginning.

After Grave Pact enters the game the fun can begin. Shoot some annoying creatures with attrition and all opponents have to sac another creature. The Nether Traitor and Bloodghast can come back to play just to be sacrificed again. It won’t take long before the graveyards are filling up so you can play a Avatar if Woe for only 2 mana.

Combine Hells Caretaker with the Kokusho, the Evening Star and your opponents will start crying.
I put in the Contamination only for fun but it ended up as a winning card as well for some of the games I played.

This deck used to be much larger but I removed a lot of cards to make the Grave Pact more effective. It is now down to 60 cards and I added two Planewalkers: Liliana Vess and Sorin Markov just for the fun.

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