Metalcraft Myr

With the release of Scars of Mirrodin many new myr creatures and creatures with metalcraft appeared, but both weren’t strong enough on its own for a multiplayer mtg deck, so I decided to put them together in a single deck, just for fun.

There aren’t much powerful myr creatures in SOM, so mainly used the cheap mana generating myr’s: Gold Myr for white, Copper Myr for Green and Silver Myr for blue. This gives me a small mana boost at the beginning, but plenty enough to cast the already cheap metalcraft creatures.

When there are three artifacts on the table, Ezuris Brigade becomes a 8/8 trample creatures which is nice for attack. Not bad for a card with a casting cost of four. With Vedalken Certarch I can tap an artifact, creature or land which is good for defense.  Indomitable Archangel who already is a 4/4 flying makes sure my artifacts will remain in play.

This deck still isn’t really strong, but who know what kind of new cards are still to be released in the future.

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