Megrim Dreams

Once again it was time for a discard deck. This isn’t my first Megrim deck, but now with the cheaper M11 variant: Lilianas Caress available, it’s time to play it with eight cards. This mtg deck is only about doing damage with discard and card draw. Other then that, it only contains some defensive cards like Crawlspace.

Beside Painful Quandary there isn’t any magic card in this deck forcing an opponent to discard. It’s all focused on drawing cards, so my opponents will be with full hands and are forced to discard anyway at their end steps. Allot of the drawing is done with Howling Mine. I can play it at an early stage of the game while my opponents are happy with it, not knowing what’s coming next.

When I have enough defenses on the table, it’s time to cast Underworld Dreams. Now the  damage is starting to bite. But it’s truly going to hurt each turn when Teferis Puzzle Box is on the table.
As this is a multiplayer mtg game we need a multiplayer finisher. This is done with a combination of Prosperity and Windfall which could be powerful enough to kill all opponents at the table at once.

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