Mass Destruction Red White

When Worldwake was released, the card Chain Reaction came to my attention. It was a very cheap card because it’s probably not to useful in standard, but for multiplayer Magic the Gathering  looked for me as a red Wrath of God. Reason enough for me to build another Mass Destruction deck, but this time it became Red and White.

Most of the time when someone of us is playing a mass destruction deck, all other players turn onto that person. With as a result, that player will run out of destruction spells very fast.  So to survive for a bit and to refill your hand you need some defense. This brings me to the second Worldwake card I liked for multiplayer and used in this deck:  Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs.  This might not be such a fantastic card, but I just wanted to play with it. After you clear the table and build Kazuul you could probably live a few turns in peace.

Sometimes your opponents won’t mess around with you for a while, but this always leaves you with a choice: Should I play my mass destruction spell this turn, or could I wait another turn.  That’s where Intimidation Bolt comes in. When suddenly someone with an army is turning against you and launces a full attack, you can just say: Not gonne happen. Or you can do the same with Holy Day. Either way that’s when you know it is time to cast your Mass destruction.

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