Magic Artifact Deck

For this blue artifact deck I combined the best cards out of my multicolored artifact deck and my proliferate deck to create my best artifact deck so far. I still don’t own any old affinity artifacts cards, so I used some newer cards instead.

For this deck I made sure I got my hands on four Grand Architect ‘s.  The +1/+1 to all other blue creatures is a nice ability but the mana boost which I get to cast artifact’s and use their abilities is insane. Now Contagion Engine can easily be casted and activated. Not only to gain more mana with Everflowing Chalice but also to improve all artifacts with counters on them. For example: Triskelion can be a killer card to get rite of many creatures or even my opponents them self.

Master Transmuter is added to exchange some more expensive artifacts for the cheap one. Sharding Sphinx for example, too do some creature damage to my opponents.

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