Living Eldrazi

While my strongest Eldrazi cards are being uses by my Eldrazi deck, I still have many others left. So it was time to create another funny deck. This time with the combination of Traumatize and Living Death. The idea, get as many magic Eldrazi in my graveyard and then return then out them all on the table at once while everything on the table is removed.

Because it would take a couple of turns to cast the combo, a little defense was needed. With four Guard Gomazoa and four Fog Bank in the deck, plus some more walls it should be possible to survive the first few turns. Because there is no point in having the mtg Eldrazi cards in your hand, I used See Beyond to shuffle them back into my library. This way, I could also draw some more lands and  draw the combo.

This deck might be quite risky in multiplayer magic, because the graveyards of the opponents might be quite full as well, by the time the combo is triggered. Nevertheless it’s funny to play the deck once in a while. Having an army of Eldrazi’s with It That Betrays and Pathrazer of Ulamog on the table is quite killing.

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