Life Gaining Bastards

This deck I made around the card Cradle of Vitality. The idea was to gain life and pump up the smaller/cheaper creatures.
By now I already played a few times with this deck and the good thing is I also won a few times.
Unfortunately I never really used the Cradle of Vitality yet so it seems to be running quite good without it.

First thing needed in this deck was life gaining. Knight of Meadowgrain is a good blocker and life gainer from the start. After you pump it up with Cradle of Vitality it is only getting better. The Behemoth Sledge normally stays around a bit longer in play and with the extra plusses it generates two extra counters for the Cradle

Ones again Birds of Paradise gives a mana boost at start but latter on it can serve as a nasty flying creature after it is pumped up with counters.
Mistmeadow Skulk and Toxic Iguanar are both good and cheap blockers. After they gain counters they can be put to good use as attackers.

Serra Avatar with lifelink can take care of a lot of counters at once. Combine it with a Souls Fire and you might have a instant kill.

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