Level Up

With the release of Rise of the Eldrazi the new ability level up came around so of course I had to build a multiplayer deck around it. With the exception of Khalni Gem and the lands, this deck only contains cards out of ROE just for fun.

My favorite Level Up card is for sure Lighthouse Chronologist.  I’m not sure why, but my friends have a habit of killing the Chronologist when it just arrived on the table. They don’t even care if doesn’t have a single level counter on it. So waiting a bit before playing it is recommended haha.  But Hell, taking another turn after each player in multiplayer, is just sick!

From white, I like the Hedron-Field Purists. It’s always handy if there is someone playing with a token army. Even better, when there is more than one on the table. Preventing 4 damage from each source, does make a different. When more the one Level Up creature is on the table, Venerated Teacher will be a cheap way of gaining some levels on all.

Still the mana cost for the Level Up ability needs to be paid and they can be quite expensive.  Lucky we have Training Grounds. Not only does this card make the Level Up ability cheaper but it’s also a nice card combination with Sphinx of Magosi. Now we can draw cards for one mana each + we get quite a large Flying Sphinx.

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