Landfall Green only

After I had enough of my White Green Landfall deck I decided to create a new version but this time it’s a green only landfall deck. With all the white cards removed, there was plenty room for some new cards and ideas.

I got myself some new bullies. Four Rampaging Baloths to create an army of beast tokens. Combined with a Wirewood Savage it gives nice draw ability, thus faster land draw. I was lucky to get Primeval Titan, not sure if it was out of a booster or a draft but definitely a fantastic card to put in this deck.

Scute mob is still present. One because it has a low mana cost, so I got something to cast in the first turn. Two it shouldn’t take too long before having 5 lands on table. Too gain some lands I choose to use Harrow. It Limited’s the total amount of lands for a bit, but it does trigger the landfall ability twice.
Life gaining is often needed in multiplayer Magic the Gathering and to keep in it the right context of this landfall deck, Eternity Vessel took care of that.

Because I’m getting a great of amount of lands on table, especially with the Titan, cards like Primal Bellow and Blanchwood Armor will be killer cards in this deck.

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