Landfall Deck

In this latest version of my mtg landfall deck the focus is no longer on landfall only, but more on huge green creatures and faster mana. The small creatures out of my Landfall Green only deck are replaced by mana elves like Priest of Titania and for even more mana Khalni Gem is back as well.

When I’m talking about huge creatures, Liege of the Tangle is one of them. Not only is it already a large 8/8 creature with trample by himself, it can also make 8/8 tokens out of your lands. Because you don’t want those lands being destroyed, Spearbreaker Behemoth is also added to prevent this from happening.

While this deck is already much faster than the previous versions, it can never be fast enough. So Elvish Piper is added as well to cast those huge creatures for a single mana. But it’s a bit useless when there are no huge creatures at hand. This is solved Survival of the Fittest so when a useless elf is drawn later in the game it can be exchange with a more usefull creature.

I am also playing this landfall deck a lot when we are playing with Planechase cards. It’s always useful when you have a lot of spare mana.

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