Knights vs Dragons

I was looking out for the new released Magic the Gathering duel deck Knights vs Dragons. This because I already have a knight deck, but it can use some improvements. So I had a quick look at the visual spoiler to see if there is anything interesting. Most of the commons and Uncommons I already own so I’m very interested in the rare/mythic cards.

First card coming to my attention is Knight of the White Orchid. This card is always useful in Multiplayer MTG cause there is always a big change someone got more lands then you. Of course Knight Exemplar and Knight of the Reliquary are both two very nice cards, but I already own them they are the reason why I made a knight deck in the first place. Al do I’m not sure if should make a multicolored white green deck or a mono colored white deck yet.

Another knight I would like to have is Kinsbaile Cavalier. Double strike for all my knights would definitely be worth the mana cost of 4. Other nice cards I couldn’t really find so I guess I’ll have to do it with the new knight cards released in Mirrodin Besieged.

I also own a Dragon deck, but I couldn’t find much interesting cards in here except for Dragonspeaker Shaman. Just a shame that this uncommon is only once in the deck. Below an visual spoiler of Knights vs Dragons.

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