Knight of new Alara

Each other multicolored creature you control gets +1/+1 for each of its color. Well Alara Reborn just happens to have only multicolored cards. This is why I chose to build a deck around Knight of New Alara with only the use of cards out of the Alara block.

Let’s do some calculations assuming we have the knight on table. What kind of creatures can we expect and what do we pay for them? For two mana we have a 6/5 Bant Sureblade with shroud. For three mana we have a 8/7 Woolly Thoctar. Ok this seems to be working but how about a combination of more cards.

Again assuming we have the knight on table and we already build one small creature in this turn. You attack your opponent with Gloryscale Viashino and surprise him with a Colossal Might. Let’s do the calculation?

This will be a 16/16 creature with trample damage!!

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