Infect Deck

This is my first mtg infect deck made after the release of Scars of Mirrodin containing black infect cards and green infect cards. I Will soon post an updated version of this deck which also includes the newer magic infect creatures of Mirrodin Besieged.

Infect also has his own king called Hand of the Praetors. Besides giving all other creatures with infect +1/+1, this insect also gives away poison counters for each creature spell you cast with infect. For multiplayer mtg, Ichor Rats is working very nice, giving all your opponents an extra poison counter. Plague Stinger is in it to be a blocker incase the opponents play with flying’s, if they don’t, it’s a nice unblockable creature to attack it.

Talking about unblockable, with Whispersilk Cloak I can make a creature of my unblockable. I haven’t used it so much do, because it’s still quite some mana which I prefer to use for other cards instead. But for the longer games it might come in handy. There are other ways to bring the poison counters to your opponent with Rancor for example. Just trample over the creatures and if your dies, just cast it again or a single mana.

With a overrun played, it’s easy to blow away an opponent, but they see it coming and might still be able to block enough and survive. Therefor it might be cheaper to use a surprise element. For example play a Might of Oaks and Giant Growth together would result in an instant dead by 10 poison counters!

When it’s no longer possible to attack your opponents because of their huge defenses, there is still another way to win. With Contagious Nim does last few counters can be added and hopefully enough to win the game.

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