Hatred deck

With the release of M11 I updated my Hatred black white deck once again. This time I put even more focus on life gaining. With four Soul Warden and four Souls Attendant, life gaining is made easy in a Multiplayer Magic game. The new M11 card Ajanis Pridemate makes a wicked combination with those two clerics. It can quickly because a huge and powerful creature.

At it’s now very easy to get to thirty lives, so another new M11 card: Serra Ascendant, is put in as well. For just a single mana, a 6/6 flying creature with lifelink. It can’t get any cheaper than that. Also Serra Avatar is added once again to distract my opponents with this brute force so they might even forget about the risky hatred card still in my hand.

While this deck has a lot of small, low mana cost creatures, Ajani Goldmane can even make them a strong force with his +1/+1 counters and if they still decide to die, they can be brought back with a Sun Titan.

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