Hatred Black White

This is an updated version of my three color Hatred deck. The blue cards are removed so only Black and White are remaining. If you need to take out more than one player with a Hatred deck, more life gaining is always welcome. There for I added Congregate, which in Multiplayer MTG often takes care of a lot of extra lives for only 4 mana.

Another life gaining creature but also a nice combo is Battlegrace Angel. Attack with a single creature, play a Hatred and then gain your life back with the lifelink ability of the angel. One player less, and your lives just went up.

Other than this not much changed except for the number of cards. I just added some funny cards like Darkness for example. Now if you are with two opponents left you could do a full attack on one opponent and surprise the other by preventing all his damage when he thinks he had won.

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