This is one of doe’s mtg decks which i don’t use to often so I don’t piss off my friends to much. My intentions started out good, I simple had four never used Gigantomancer ‘s laying in dust and still wanted to make a deck around it. Unfortunately I couldn’t think of much except of a nice combination with Meekstone. I ended up with an old style control deck with a small twist.

Together with Ensnaring Bridge the idea of this deck was to allow only low power creatures to attack and then pump up my own. I used some small shadow creatures like Nether Traitor and flying creatures like Birds of Paradise to do some nice damage while they are 7/7.

For defense I used Crawlspace in combination with Icy Manipulator and Royal Assassin hoping my opponent’s wouldn’t have too much destruction. Staying left with an empty hand at the end of every turn also works quite well when the bridge is on table.

This deck in its current state isn’t really working yet as intended. It takes way to long before enough mana is available to cast a Gigantomancer. Maybe I’ll improve it in the future, but I might choose not to use it again to keep my friends happy. 

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