Enchanted Angels

Building 4/4 angels for two or zero mana that’s what this deck is about. Luminarch Ascension is a new killer card in a multiplayer game. First turn you build a small blocker and the second turn a Luminiarch. Now if you are playing against 4 opponents you should be able to gain the four quest counters in one round. If not, it shouldn’t take much longer. Meaning, you can start building 4/4 angels from the third round. You might need the help of Serras Sanctum to gain them a bit faster.

Too create some more angels for free, I used Sigil of the Empty Throne. There are plenty of enchantments in this deck to trigger. For example the Crusade for only two mana and you are left with some bigger angels as well.

Mass destruction would work this time, if there is angel enchantment on the table. To stay in the enchantment spirit, I also used Planar Collapse. Clean the table when most players are empty handed and you can startup your angel army again without having to bother if you would draw a creature card or not.

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