Elf Warrior Theme deck

After the Zendikar release I made this Elf Warrior MTG theme deck with a reason.
I have seen and played with so many elf decks before that it was getting boring. There for, many of my elf cards where put aside for a long time. Of course that was a bit of a waste, so I decided to create a deck again, but this time I chose for the Warrior theme so at least it was a bit different.

I decided to use cards which I already had and only buy a few cheap commons. I had to use Priest of Titania and Llanowar Elves again… because I did not have anything similar in the Warrior range. I’m sure this deck could be much better when more expansive cards are used.

Well as this deck is about warriors I will start off with Bramblewood Paragon .
You just want to have this card on table, just to show where this deck is about. Combine this cards with a Elvish Promenade or the Gilt-Leaf Ambush and the casting cost will for sure pay off. Also Lys Alana Huntmaster works well for some extra tokens.

Then there is Nettle Sentinel, wow this much be such a great card in single player. But the card still works great in Multiplayer as well. Attack first , then cast Spells and you still have your blocker. Later in the game it can still be used for Mycoloth (Which is a very cheap card now days).

Of course I had to use Garruk Wildspeaker in this deck because I recently bought the Duel Deck Garruk vs Liliana. Such a cheap price for such great and fun cards. Also added the Nissa Revane which I just got from the Zendikar release.

Because I was aware of the fact that this deck was not going to win this way I added Overrun and Coat of Arms as not original but still effective finishers.

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