Who wasn’t shocked when the first Rise of the Eldrazi spoiler hit the internet. Magic the Gathering had never seen such powerful mythic creatures before. A few things they have in common, They are colorless, they are strong, they have an expensive casting cost, when they die they come back into your library including the cards in your graveyard and they all have the new destructive annihilator ability. As if that wasn’t enough, they all have their special ability when casted: Emrakul, the Aeons Torn gives an extra turn, Kozilek, Butcher of Truth gives four cards and with the indestructible Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre you can destroy a permanent.

Aldo many strong and fast decks can be built with those new Eldrazi creatures, I still choose to play this Eldrazi deck with the new introduced Eldrazi spawn tokens to stay in the ROE spirit. Because it takes quite some tokens to build one Eldrazi, the combination of Emrakuls Hatcher with Splinter Twin is realy welcome here. Meaning three extra mana each turn without having to cast any cards.

If I had to rely on the spawn tokens only, the deck would be quite slow. So I needed another mana source, but I didn’t want to play the boring old fashion elves with priest again. I used the new elf Joraga Treespeaker instead, which is quite a boost card at the start of a game and when I have some spare mana to boost it, I can make a mana elf out of my life gainer Essence Warden. Another new mana source is walls, using Overgrown Battlement. Now Wall of Blossoms is not only being used for a boost at the start and defense but also for additional mana!

Too stay into the multiplayer spirit I included Fling. Not only can it be used when an opponent is destroying your Eldrazi anyway, but it’s also useful when you want to take out more than one opponent in a single turn. With It That Betrays you can steal the resources of a single opponent to use it against another opponent.

The deck below is my current version of this deck, a few cards which I used before are listed under removed.


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