Eldrazi Spawn deck

Not only we got some large colorless Eldrazi creatures with Rise of the Eldrazi, but also some quite useful little Eldrazi spawn token ‘s. I thought they deserved an mtg deck on their own so I started building one around Beastmaster Ascension.  It’s all quite easy. Get around 7 spawn tokens on the table with help of Brood Birthing and some others. Then, while they still look so harmless, cast the Beastmaster and attack. That will be 7 x 5 = 35 damage instead of zero.

But this easy, would only happen if my opponent’s deck is crap as hell. Besides, this deck is meant for multiplayer magic so I can’t rely on a single enchantment. Hellion Eruption is added as another option to do some damage or after I launched a full attack on a single opponent, I can get myself some blockers against my other enemies.

Aldo I prefer a Coat in most decks, Door of Destinies might just fit a little bit better in here. This way I can cycle thru my Eldrazi Spawn tokens by sacrificing them, buy new ones with Fecundity while still keeping them powerful on their own. In the meanwhile, Essence Warden will keep my life total steady.

I changed this token deck a few times, so I put the removed cards in the removed section of the deck list.

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