Dragons Multicolored

In this multicolored dragon deck I used some small creatures for the start of the game and some mana/card boosting cards to cast the more expensive dragons quite early. This deck is made out of three colors, Red,Green,White. I will post some newer /stronger versions of this deck later on.

First I will focus on surviving the first few turn while preparing to cast the big bullies. It’s always nice to have an opening hand with Toxic Iguanar and Wall of Blossoms. This gives you a 1 mana deathtouch blocker, a wall to block some bigger creatures and extra card which makes you draw enough lands.

When the defense is there, it’s time to build up some mana. I have seen many players using Mana Flare before in dragon decks, but to often it’s didn’’t work out. So in this deck I used a few simple cards to boost up my mana only. Birds of Paradise was once again a must because I’m playing not only three colors but also a lot of cards containing two of the same mana costs. Same for the Trace of Abundance which also can be used to protect the Gaeas Cradle.

When there is enough mana to cast dragons we might not need those smaller creatures anymore. So it’s time to sacrifice a few for Predator Dragon and give an opponent a hasty heavy blast. While you sacrificed your small creature, you might aswell cast a Infest to clear the table for a bit. Why need a blaze if you got a Flameblast Dragon? Now you can blast away your opponent or his creature before he even got the change of blocking.

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