Defensive Fun

When I noticed I had a lot of unused multicolored Black, Blue, Red cards after the Alara block, I decided to put those cards together in one large but funny deck. Some of those cards really fit into a multiplayer game. Blood Tyrant for example, all your opponent lose life and your flying trample creature will become large very fast. Another example is Lightning Reaver. You only have to attack one player who can’t block this fear creature and all opponents will be stuck with the damage.

Again plenty of defensive cards are used in this deck to survive for a while before the bigger creatures can be cast. With the correct colors of this deck I could use Kederekt Creeper. The deathtouch ability will keep your opponents away for a while and if I got enough defenses, I can use it to attack as well.

Another funny card I used was Cloven Casting. I think 7 mana is still too much for this card, but I must say, when I got it on the table its good fun. Thinking off clearing the table for a bit, with a few copied Terminate ‘s. Or might as well finish the game by copying another great multiplayer card: Breath of Malfegor. Giving all your opponents 20 damage at once is simply cool.

Make sure to see the faces of your opponent when you copy Thought Hemorrhage or Cruel Ultimatum.

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