Aura Destroy

With the release of Rise of the Eldrazi a new ability called Totem armor was introduced. While thinking of what kind of aura deck mtg I could make around this ability, I noticed a few unused Novablast Wurm lying on my desk. Which made me thinking: why not combine totem armor with mass destruction? The idea for this deck was born.

Next, I needed some creatures to cast the aura’s on. I didn’t have to look so far because they didn’t forget to add some nice ones in ROE. Kor Spiritdancer was an easy choice. This creature gets stronger for each aura attached to it, but more important is the massive card draw boost which is going very fast with the one mana auras. Aura Gnarlid also fitted in, because it’s getting quite big and unblockable for most opponents.

This deck is combined with mass destruction, so a Dauntless Escort to make the creature indestructible was welcome as well. This way, all my Auras would survive the blast.

To make this deck even faster, Trace of Abundance was added. This card alone takes care for a mana boost, makes it easier to cast multicolored creatures, gives me an extra card with the Kor, counts up the total amount of aura’s on the table and might even give me an Angel when Sigil of the Empty Throne is on the table. Then with a Bear Umbra on table the game can really begin. Sometimes I can play half my deck in a single turn, so I have to be careful not to be left with an empty library.

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