Artifacts Multicolored

With the release of the Alara block some new multicolored artifacts showed up, so of course I had to make a multicolored artifact deck. Again, this is not my best version but ill post it anyway because it might give some other players an idea. This version still got 4 Skill Borrower ‘s in it because I thought this was a fantastic card when building this deck. Later I figured out what “activated” abilities meant and removed the cards again disappointed.

My favorite card in this deck will be Master Transmuter. In this deck the transmuter is not even used for his full potential. I’m sure it can be used plenty combo’s, it can be used with come in to play abilities or it can simple be used in combination with a zero mana permanent. But to stay into the multiplayer context, here it can be used to play Magister Sphinx a few times to get multiple opponents to 10 lifes. Or if I could use a few lifes myself keep swithing it with a Filigree Angel.

While playing those three colors (Blue, Black and White) anyway, Ethersworn Adjudicator really fits in to clear the most annoying creatures and enchantments.  Or if mass destruction is needed, Scourglass will do the trick. But make sure to have some defense to survive a turn before it triggers.

Of course for the lands, Tolarian Academy is in the deck, but now, but now with the multicolored artifacts Glimmervoid realy comes in useful.

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