Annoying Green White

While my friends where playing around with some annoying cards week after week, I thought it was payback time. So i created a very annoying green, white multiplayer deck, to teach them a lesson. This deck isn’t too strong so I don’t expect to have full control, but it’s nice when your opponents get rid of that annoying card on the table while you already have the next one ready in your hand.

I’m always enjoying the look on my friend’s faces when I cast a Smokestack. Of course I still have to keep smiling myself. That’s where the Verdant Force comes in. In Multiplayer magic this means, a large army of tokens in a small amount of time. If you haven’t got any tokens it’s a nice time to play Magus of the Tabernacle. Aldo this card doesn’t really work well in this deck, it is useful to clear the table for a bit. If the Gaeas Cradle is on table it’s a nice combination.

If I prefer to get some permanents of a curtain type of the table, World Queller can take care of that. When I choose creatures, I can simply sacrifice a token, but I can also choose a permanent type which I don’t have on the table myself.

But why even bother about destroying permanents I you could prevent them from being casted at all! Just destroy all lands with an Armageddon.  But of course you won’t play it before you saved your own land with a Khalni Gem. If I don’t have the combination in my hand, I’ll have to rely on my mana elves ones again.

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